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SpaceMatters was established in 2005 in New Delhi by Amritha Ballal, Moulshri Joshi and Suditya Sinha - friends, collaborators and alumnus of School of Planning & Architecture. At that time and now over a decade and a half into practice, SpaceMatters remains one of the few first-generation, women-led practices in the country.​

For us ‘SpaceMatters’ is both a commitment and a critique. We create space anew to affect change while analysing change through a spatial lens. This is the reason our practice combines built and ‘unbuilt’ work, moving away deliberately from patenting a style. Our work is highly textured and spans across scales, contexts and media.


We are a team of architects, engineers, designers, visualizers and project managers with a wide range of interests and experience working across sectors throughout the country. Our practice is inherently multi-disciplinary and symbiotic - we are aligned with the best minds in architecture and allied fields, having fruitfully collaborated with artists, scenographers, writers, graphic designers, urban and transport planners, museum designers as well as habitat researchers on various projects. The diverse portfolios of our core team and associates enable us to put together resources that best address the unique demands of each project. The team is led by the founding partners—Amritha, Suditya and Moulshri.

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Amritha Ballal is an architect and urban planner, and a founding partner at Space Matters. She has taught at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and is the co-editor of the international publication ‘Bhopal 2011-Landscapes of Memory’ which explores themes  of spatial memory through the case of the Union Carbide tragedy site in Bhopal. Amritha has been nominated for the Rolex Arts Foundation Mentor Protégé Initiative in 2014 and named in the annual international shortlist of emerging woman architects Architecture Journal, UK in 2013.

Suditya Sinha is an architect and a founding partner at SpaceMatters. He is the design and management core of the team where his competence with the actual business of crafting built form and producing tangible and realistic solutions are key assets. Suditya has led delivery of complex, award winning projects with his technological, construction, legal and financial acumen. Suditya has served on the management of various companies while being continuously engaged with young architects and design start-ups as a mentor and educator.

Moulshri Joshi is an architect and a founding partner at Space Matters. She has taught at the School of Planning and Architecture and represents TICCIH: The International Committee for Conservation of Industrial Heritage in India. She is a core member of mAAN: modern Asian Architecture Network. Since 2005, Moulshri has been involved in the remediation and revitalization of the site of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. She has lectured extensively on the potential and problematic notion of industrial heritage in India. Her current work ‘The Tenth Delhi’ looks at contemporary urban development in Delhi.


Our clients include leading private and public sector enterprises, retail chains, hospitality companies, educational institutions, IT companies and real-estate developers. SpaceMatters has also collaborated with firms, NGOs, research institutions, universities, public as well as private sector organisations on action - research projects on various aspects of the built environment.

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