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We are interested in local micro-ecosystems exploring linkage between Ecological Planning and social and environmental ecology in urban and rural habitats. We have been working towards research and implementation of ecological design strategies urgently needed in our urban and rural contexts. This includes work on restoring contaminated brownfield sites through in-situ, plant-based methods such as phytoremediation in Bhopal,  working on regeneration of urban water bodies with CSIR-NEERI (National Environmental Engineering and Research Institute) and working with grassroots organisation on native forest creation in Kumaon.  In partnership with Alaap, a local NGO’s we have worked to promote sustainable habitat strategies aimed at strengthening the assets of rural mountain communities in Kumaon region of the Uttarakhand Himalayas with a special focus on bringing back native Himalayan forests through community mobilisation. Since 2017 in a pilot project for the Champawat District Administration we have been converting a denuded hillside, originally meant for a golf course into a fast growing native forest through the adaptive use of the Miyawaki method, creating  templates for village based and cared-for forest assets.

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