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The question of mobility according to us is intimately linked to the question of travel - something that is a vocation, a study, a necessity and a luxury in today’s world. To imagine a world of interconnections requires us to reimagine how we move across space and how well we can do it; supported by the built environment such that this movement is inclusive and accessible. We are developing the design to build a core area of expertise around public projects in the field of mobility. Architecture of transit spaces and spaces of transport interchange such as railway stations, local and inter-state bus terminals are some key redevelopment projects that have been dealt by us. We worked with the Delhi Government on the restructuring of the local bus terminals which currently cater only to buses, to be developed as commuter centric spaces. We are working on the placemaking and urban upgrading of one of the busiest metro stations in Delhi, the Kashmiri Gate Metro station. We incorporate social audits and deploy spatial analytics into the design process to create universally accessible, gender inclusive, child and senior citizen friendly spaces. On the policy front we have contributed to the Bus Route Rationalisation Policy of Delhi and the Parking Policy of Delhi.

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