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We feel strongly about working with old buildings and historic landscapes to recycle what exists and reduce the forced norm to build anew. For us, continuity and building bridges through conservation, retrofitting, re-purposing, reusing is sustainable - ecologically and culturally. Our recent past - modern & industrial heritage - ubiquitous yet overlooked as worthy of survival in the process of development has been our workspace. We work to build the subject as both architects and educators where instead of a project-based approach, we attempt to create diverse, experimental strategies to build a community around the subject. The idea is to look at solutions as scalable strategies for the vast and unrecognized inventory of this landscape in Asia. Recycling the heritage of the twentieth century through careful adaptive reuse and revitalizing post-industrial landscapes are central to our work in this domain. Our approach in this endeavor has been collaborative, hands-on and reflexive. We contribute as members of professional bodies and networks such as TICCIH, mAAN, ICOMOS, ANIH which provide space for testing new ideas and are platform for trans-disciplinary connections.

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