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The KumaonBuild Initiative is an open source, work-in-progress repository of ideas, concepts and resources to design, build and construct in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It seeks to enable and build upon the essential through documentation, design, training, by combining existing local knowledge systems and skills with newer influences, technologies and approaches. It is aimed at intersecting settlement planning and built practices with access to livelihood, promotion of cultural heritage and innovation at low cost, scalable and sustainable building practises. The KumaonBuild Initiative is a collaborative effort by multiple stakeholders and NGOs like Aarohi and Alaap operating locally in the region.

Champawat_Pragya Chauhan (2).jpg
Likhai Documentation - Typical Baakhli.J
Apprenticeship - Bubu and Lalit working
Apprenticeship -  Lalit working on harar

The projects under The KumaonBuild Initiative umbrella too, seek to create self sufficient, closed-loop cycles that weave together building, sustainability and livelihood to ultimately create strong rural communities and resilient habitats. You can click here for more information on The KumaonBuild Initiative. 

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