Delhi Government

New Delhi, India

2018 - Ongoing

6500 sqft


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Nehru Place is a large commercial, financial, and business centre in Delhi, India. It is widely considered to be a major information technology hub of South Asia. There is an existing bus terminal in Nehru Place, but it is not properly planned neither does it have modern amenities. This bus terminal complex lies along the Outer Ring Road and in proximity to the Kalkaji Mandir metro station. It thus can provide last-mile and long-distance connectivity in this area.

Our design intervention focused on people-centric placemaking. Which is why we went above and beyond what a conventional bus terminal does. In order to embed this complex into its neighbourhood, we decided to design a Mohalla Clinic within the terminal itself. This ensures that the terminal becomes a multi-purpose public space that caters to two important human needs – transportation and health.


In a city where land comes at a premium, we decided to design a public plaza at the most ‘public’ edge of this complex. This plaza inserts some much needed greenery on the busy Outer Ring Road and acts as a green barrier to the noise and pollution of the city. It is a space that invites even passers-by! 
The bus bays themselves are placed in a double saw-tooth layout, fitting in 15 bus bays in the plot. Due to its location, feeder service integration in the form of local buses, auto, cycle-rickshaws, cabs is abundant. We have nevertheless, also proposed to revamp the feeder bus stop just outside this complex. There is provision for a large creche which makes the complex more welcoming to families.