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The study of our industrial past and its vestiges has found little recognition in India. Until now, we have rejected their contribution to our modern history and nation building. As part of the larger movement to protect the legacy of the Bhopal gas tragedy, we began our long term research project of the ‘Inventory of the Industrial heritage of India’, an atlas of significant industrial sites and institutions in the country. We laid down our parameters to cover a wide variety of industries in our country and then devised a framework of methodology to follow and lay out our methods of surveying and documenting. The ongoing inventory has more than 300 sites across India from manufacturing industry, railway industry, transport industry etc

India has a rich history of industrial achievement ranging from the Kallanai Dam, the ancient waterworks across 69,000 acres of the fertile delta dating back to the 2nd Century BC to the Bhakra Nangal dam that was set up in the years following India’s Independence in 1947. This project investigates and creates an inventory of the sites of significance to this history. Some sites are recognized at the local or national level, but most are unacknowledged and largely unknown.

lal imli mills.jpeg
Lal Imli Mills
Old Silver Mint.jpg
Old Silver Mint, Kolkata
Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
Mill Owners Bldg.jpg
Jharia Coal mines.jpg
Mill Owners Building, Ahmedabad
Jharia Coal Mines
Pages from Inventory of IH 2.jpg


  1. Heritage Hackathon at The Design Village

  2. INTACH Heritage Academy Masterclass on 'Industrial Heritage in India', March 2019

  3. Sahapedia Workshop

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