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We collaborated with award winning artist Avdesh Kumar Karna from Madhubani, Bihar to reinterpret some of our projects. For us, this was an opportunity to pause and see anew our creations, and for the artist, a chance to explore new concepts and

context. What emerged was architecture as a space of celebration where delightful scenes of everyday life play out in building backdrops created by us. They bring to life imaginary and imagined scenes that architectural renderings find hard to recreate.

1_Bihar Mus.jpg

Patna Museum, Bihar

This is a space to linger for all - a gesture that makes the museum more accessible and less intimiditating.


Moolvan, Kumaon

This was an opportunity to create a masterplan for community afforestation in Kumaon.


Bus terminals, Delhi

Reimagining bus transport hubs as people - centric public spaces.


The Morpankh, Delhi 

Museum of Art, housed in an urban box, reaches out to the city by creating spaces to pause and rest.


Vidya Devi Jindal Paramedical College, Hisar

Flared columns allow the school building to float above and nestle a public space below.

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