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2020, April

Baha'i House of Worship, Bihar Sharif design unveiled

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SpaceMatters is deeply honoured and pleased to be the team chosen to design the second Baha’I Temple in India following a design selection process spread across one year. The design was unveiled through an online announcement in light of the prevailing circumstances.

The House of Worship will be located in the historic landscape of Nalanda at Bihar Sharif. The strong sense of spiritual oneness, equality and inclusion of the Baha’I faith underlies the vision of this project.

The form of the temple is inspired by the pattern and language found in nature, materialized in brick, the material of choice for monumental as well as ordinary architecture in Bihar. The dome shaped edifice steps up from nine-sided arched segments multiplying till each segment appears o merge into a singular geometry – the Oculus. The manner in which a single module comes together to form a larger whole is a reflection of how collective and individual roles shape the community of faith.

In these difficult times, we envisage the temple to be a place of refuge and a space to develop ideas of rootedness and togetherness.

Read the official press release by the Baha'i community here

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