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Delhi Government

New Delhi, India

2018 - Ongoing

6500 sqft


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Azadpur is a large commercial and residential area in Delhi, India. The Azadpur Mandi is Asia's biggest Fruit & Vegetable wholesale market. There is an existing bus terminal in Azadpur, but it is not properly planned neither does it have modern amenities. This bus terminal complex lies along the Mahatma Gandhi Marg and in proximity to the Azadpur metro station. It thus can provide last-mile and long-distance connectivity in this area.

The bus bays themselves are placed in a linear layout, fitting in 6 bus bays in the plot. Shops and allied services are provided at the periphery of the bus terminal complex. No parking has been provided for personal vehicles. Passengers are provided with ample seating, drinking water, toilets, inquiry counters, and ticket booths. There are office spaces for the staff. Water ATMs, money ATMs, information desks, food and beverage stalls are provided at convenient locations. Signage was crucial and care has been taken to design way finding information, posted system information, real time information, and interactive information display. 


To ensure that all citizens can use this public space, we have ensured barrier-free universal access by providing ramps with comfortable slopes. Resource minimalization guided our design decisions and so Landscape and storm water management are crucial elements of our proposal.

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