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NFC New Delhi


66,000 sqft


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Why can a school not be a physical place-maker (landmark) for the surrounding neighbourhood and community? This was our starting point for designing an international Montessori style school in a popular residential area in New Delhi. The design was predominantly centred to the scale and perspective of a child, creating an engaging environment of exploration and incorporating learnings for the child through the building. The monotonous inner courtyard was designed to have varying outlines along each floor, breaking the symmetry and creating a more playful exploratory experience with decks and overhangs for children to have a connection to the other floors. Green design strategies were also employed including a green wall running along the inner courtyard.

Nature has been invited inside the school, in the form of grass carpeting and plants peeking out from the white aluminium mesh that envelopes the entire building. Free flowing red lines in the grass carpeting reflect the untamed energy of young minds, and these grass corridors give students a fun, safe space to run around. Students’ exposure to natural experiences, as part of their daily curriculum, increases overall productivity and engagement. So, our efforts of incorporating green spaces and community gardens into our architectural designs are ultimately creating great places for both students and plant-life to grow!

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The white aluminium-mesh exudes a steely determination, while the interior is filled with pops of colour that reflect creativity – both are qualities that must be nurtured in young impressionable minds. 

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