Trinayan Developers

Ranikhet , Uttarakhand


50000 sqft

Commercial Projects

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Trinayan developers approached us with this large-scale commercial project catering to the emerging trend of people buying their second home in the hills. In our design proposal we sought to provide privacy to each unit without placing explicit boundaries along with establishment of individual ownership by virtue of level differences. Visualizing the family that would reside in the space, we strove for an optimum size in terms of affordability and comfort. We also made considerations towards soil protection, minimizing cutting and filling and retaining the pine trees in place. The main challenge was to fulfill city-dwellers’ aspiration of owning a bungalow in the hills while keeping feasible costs. The villas are luxurious, featuring balconies, double height spaces, and elaborate roof forms along with cuts and eaves to let in light.

The logistic and economic considerations required a certain modularity of the designs. One of the challenges of creating a layered experience while meeting the commercial demands of a development of this nature lies in balancing modularity with variety. We found ways to introduce dynamism in how the settlement would be experienced and viewed, by virtue of how it is placed on site. To achieve this, the biggest asset in the mountains is in leveraging the natural terrain of the land. Towards this end, many sectional studies were done with considerations towards protecting as much soil as possible, minimize cutting and filling, and keeping the existing pine trees in place. We worked out different options of placing the units along the site’s fairly defined terraces.



Another means of introducing variation within uniformity was through designing roof forms for each unit, not as a monolith but a combination of slopes, maximizing light and views. As the roofs altered in relation to the orientation of each individual unit, the housing in totality achieved a cluster-like appearance. This approach of ‘playing with the levels’ also ensured maximum privacy for each unit. This in turn helped us in convincing our client to do away with individual boundary walls.