Zirakpur, Punjab


800,000 sqft

Hospitality,Public Infrastructure

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GBP Centrum is a mixed-use development that masterfully combines various spatial functions across 19 floors and 800,000 square feet of built-up area to create a one-stop destination to live, work and play. Located on the Ambala-Chandigarh expressway, this iconic structure aims to create a new architectural language that will be a symbol of modernity and luxury in the rapidly developing region. 

The ethos of GBP Centrum is to create a space that facilitates a sustainable lifestyle. There is a resurgence of self-care in the current decade, which has seen people shift their energies towards achieving a work-life-play balance. We see people increasingly opt to work from home, which is also part of an eco-friendly lifestyle that reduces stress on our shared resources.  Thus, in GBP Centrum, we have introduced the housing typology of the studio-apartment-cum-office, a concept that is very new to India.


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The front portion of the GBP Centrum has three generous levels of retail and showrooms. At the center of the complex is an iconic tower, which adds to the growing architecture vocabulary of this developing region. We have placed the food courts at the terrace level, providing uninterrupted views of the vista beyond. Above the retail complex are the office complexes, behind which are housed the studio apartments-cum-offices, and studio apartments. Above all this, towers the hotel with its gorgeous infinity terrace pool. Care has been taken that such a colossal complex leaves a minimal footprint on the environment, and we have added more green spaces to leave this area more enriched.